Scottish Great Dane Rescue

Alfie's Story

It was a day of sadness when Linda called to say she had lost the best friend she had ever had and her soul mate, Alfie. When Alfie arrived at Rescue, he was all legs and ears, painfully emaciated and had endured a miserable life. That was soon all to change when Linda met was love at first sight.....and best pals forever! Linda worked hard with him and her dedication paid off. Alfie and Linda went every where together and he even helped Linda give a new happy life to an old Pyrenean girl. Alfie loved every living thing....he would happily play all day in the park with the other dogs and everyone who met him loved him! As time progressed he developed problems with his back legs and Linda tried everything possible to help him and give him a good quality of life, she even purchased specially made "wheels" to help him but steadily the time came to let him go. It was heart breaking for Linda. Losing Alfie has left a huge hole in her heart and an emptiness in her life. Linda very kindly donated Alfie's wheels to the Rescue should another Dane need assistance. Thank you Linda and an even bigger thank you for giving Alfie the life he would never have had if you had not taken him under your wing. Our thoughts are with you....and Alfie too.