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 Angus is a very loving big boy that just hasn't been socialised enough.  Once he realises that you mean him no harm , he just wants to cuddle and slobber you with kisses.  He is just a baby at 17 months old and obviously very scared.  He has been diagnosed with a heart problem and with the help of the tablets should lead a happy life . We need your help urgently.  If you could give him a loving home we will help you 24 /7 ...we will campaign endlessly to ask for donations to keep his supply of tablets coming.    If  four people .... yes... only FOUR...could  spare £3.50  A MONTH.. ..that's all.... then Angus can lead  a normal happy life.... If 14 people donated a £1 a month ... that's only £12 a YEAR  from 14 of you...Please don't suggest that he gets put to sleep.. he's a baby ...and we at Scottish Great Dane Rescue believe that we are here to help all Danes...please, please, sponsor him..    Thank you....

 Here is his story.  ANGUS 17MONTH OLD  Hello, my name is Angus, or as aunty Jean calls me 'Angus McTavish'. I arrived at the rescue because my previous owners said I was very excitable, destructive and always ''on the go''....I seemed to be scared of my own shadow. They had to work extra hours and could not devote the time to me so thought it best that I come into the rescue.   It was only when I was having my vet check that they discovered I have a problem with my heart This is possibly the reason why I have been a very over active, anxious big boy. A very kind person donated some money to let me have all the necessary tests done to establish the problem.  The vet has said that I need some medication to regulate my heart beat and that I should be able to lead a happy life. He said that the tablets are NOT expensive ..£14.00 a month....I have had to leave the temporary fosterer and stay in a kennel 'cos I really need to have some quiet time while my medication kicks in. I have calmed down since going on my tablets.. but I don't like being in a kennel.. I'm lonely... . Aunty Jean says that she will ask lots of people....people like you..... to please donate to my vet fund, so that when......if.... someone out there will let me come and live with them.....I will have enough tablets to let me live a happy life ......If you think you could give me a home or if you could donate to help pay for my medication ..please please please contact aunty Jean don't let me die in a kennel.... don't let me die at all.....Angus x


If we can raise £168 that will set my new owners and I up with a years supply of my heart tablets.