Scottish Great Dane Rescue

Daisy , Louis ,  Annie

Hi Auntie Jean 
Just a wee note from us three Daisy,Louis and Annie .
My new mum and dad had lost their two old boys only months apart when they saw the picture of my good self Daisy on  the SGD web site . I was very poorly at the time , very skinny, my eye sight and ears still don't work very well and to be honest, I wasn't too keen on strange men . Anyway, when my mum and dad came to collect me Louis who was also in the kennels at the time came out to see them too so I was so lucky  to get a new wee big brother, that was nearly 2 years ago. Right now I am very happy and healthy, I get on very well with men and they seem to like me too. I pretend not to hear well but always manage to/hear the rattle of my bowl anytime night or day. Last year, just before Christmas we got our new wee sister from Aunty Jean, she's called Annie and she is absolutely bonkers and still a baby at 1year old.  As  I'm a mature lady at 10 years Louis is the poor guy who is the focus of her attention as he is about 5, but when he gets fed up with her, which does a lot, although he is a sound guy with a great nature, thankfully  we also have our brother Olli the cat that she can chase after !!!!
Were all having a ball here and will keep in touch to let you know how we are getting on.  Life is good, loads of fields to run around in and a great garden to relax in. Speak soon, Take care.
We will see you soon when we come for our wee holiday , our mum yvonne is bringing us .
Big Sloppy Kisses 
Daisy , Louis and Annie xxx