Scottish Great Dane Rescue

De De

I spoke with Jean last week about Deedee and the fact that we had submitted a form to the rescue again in the hope of having another Dane come live with us in the future and she asked that we send some photos or story about Deedee for your website.  

I know I sent a few back in April but I thought I would send a few more.  The one with the Autumn Leaves is of Deedee and my eldest daughter - now 10, who was 3 at the time this was taken, and shows just how attached they were almost instantly.  We were given Deedee at the end of September, so this was taken only a matter of weeks later.  It is one of my all time favourite photographs and we have this on our living room wall as a canvas and it has had many an admiring comment over the years. 
The sandy pictures were taken at Tentsmuir beach near St Andrews two summers ago and a great familly day out.  Although Deedee was unsure of the sea, she did enjoy a quick paddle in the shallower pools once the tide was out. 
As I said to Jean, Deedee was the sweetest girl and we love and miss her dearly.  The house just isn't the same without her.