Scottish Great Dane Rescue


Hello my name is Harvey I'm a 4 year old Blue Merle, in 2009 I was taken to Auntie Jean because my owner couldn't look after me properly. Before long I met new people that wanted to take care of me and they even came to visit me with their 2 Border Collies and their son Craig. All went well and aarrangements were made and I was off to Paisley to my new home. I was so nervous and wanted to do everything right, Blade the older collie wasn't very nice to me at first, but we are fine now, Tina didn't want me in her house and I just wanted to be friends, Tina came round quite quickly and we have so much fun running round the park together chasing balls. My Mum says that I don't know I'm a Great Dane as I can run and catch balls just like a collie.
I love my home and I get my own sofa its sooooo comfy, I have my own bed upstairs which was specially made for me as I'm so big, but when I get the chance I sneak into Craigs' room for a cuddle, he doesn't seem to mind.
At weekends my Dad takes us out for walks and lots of fun, Mum does the doggie walking during the week, Dad is great fun when we go to the park, sometimes we come back covered in mud and soaking wet, but we had fun.
My favorite pastimes are sleeping, snoring, slobbering, getting in my Mum's way cause I like to see everything she is doing and of course going out with the collies, I love sitting on Mum's knee or anyone's knee who will let me.
My Mum and Dad say I'm a big handsome boy and I must admit I turn a few heads when I'm out walking, Mum says I'm like her best friend as I'm never far away and always ready for a kiss and cuddle.
I am a very happy boy that is loved so much and  hope you like my story and photo's. Me in the garden having a rest on the chair and Tina and me on Mum's bed. Ooops caught again.!!!!