Scottish Great Dane Rescue

RIP     " Izzy"

Hi Karen ,
As promised , as you know we lost izzi to what's commonly known as bloat on the 8th August 2013 . When the vet took izzi in for surgery within 40mins of her vomiting poor girl it was found there was a cancer the size of a sausage mass around her pancreas my very reluctant but necessary decision was not to wake her up.
After the hard 5years and 11mths of my girls life she had been though so much and who was I to have to make her endure chimo therapy , as most no izzi start in life was unfair and cruel when the breeder decided to hit her in the head with a hammer her eye was later removed and apparently she was then left for dead until she found her way to s.g.d.r where I saw her and she came to me for her forever home , later poor girl had to endure not one but two t.p.l.o"s which turned into a long recovery as she got m.r.s.a in one leg and had bad arthritis in the other . Nevertheless she plodded on quite happy but slow , then discovered to have wobblers disease was on medication everyday costing £200 a mth but for this special girl I would have paid anything to keep her pain free and happy .
So as you can read izzi had an ESP long struggle in her short but extra happy life , she left such an impact on us we are all devastated , there was not a person in the north east that did not no izzi and her and love her gentle nature . I must also say on two occasions one in South Shields and one in Newcastle izzi won 1st prize for best rescue dog and it was such a great honour for her to win and well deserved . She is going to be one massive loss to me and needless to say I'm heartbroken ....
Love to all from margy nelson ....❤����❤




Roxy now "Izzi"

Hi Karen,
Hopefully do my best with this gadget cause I'm hopeless. Well had izzi nearly 51/2year now collected her from you at 7 mth after being hit in the head with the hammer . Needless to say you can't keep a good girl down . She has had two cruciates replaced with lots of metal work , only to catch Mrsa in her left leg again she has came though that , to now have wobblers which she is going to be on medication for her rest of days .
Bless her she still remains happy and loving loves life and everyone.To go with josh my little boy 11 year old and my granddaughter 5years old Macy , izzi loves happy times round them . Her vet bill is £13.000 up to date and rising and worth every penny & pounds I've paid we all love her more than words could ever express . Thank you Scottish Great Dane rescue for our happiness . XxX ( the very last pic is heart breaking when I collected her from you and built her up) with the rosette was when she won best rescue dog in the north east ...
            Margaret nelson