Scottish Great Dane Rescue

Merlin`s story

Merlin was advertised on the site about 2 years ago, and we fell in love with the pictures. We already had two dogs, a chocolate lab and another great Dane, jack and Oscar.

We called Aunty Jean and went to see Merlin on impulse. We arrived to see a very skinny and frightened young boy that was a bit lopsided. We found out that his previous owners didn't realise how big he was going to be, he was kept in a puppy cage that was far too small and grew into a funny shape.  He was apparently hyper and needed a lot of attention, fortunately the previous owners contacted  Scottish great Dane rescue to re-home him, lucky for us!

Having met Merlin, we then took Oscar and Jack to meet him.  Oscar bonded immediately and that was it, he was coming home with us.  So after a visit to check out we had room for him, it was settled.

So he came to us on 26th May 2010 and immediately took charge. He had a new bed (a double in the spare bedroom!) and the run of the house and garden. He quickly put on weight and has grown into a big boy. We would be lost without him, as would Jack and Oscar, he has become the younger brother and usually gets his own way.

He still runs sideways and even now is nervous with new people, but is adorable. My friends have recently come to look after all 3 boys whilst we were on holiday. They said "in all there years (and they are 69) they have never met such an affectionate loving dog, the perfect pet".

Thanks to Aunty Jean and all her good work in finding new homes for these wonderful gentle giants!

Merlin when we got him