Scottish Great Dane Rescue


Good morning,
We rescued Rhubi from you 4 years ago and until this week it was a very happy story. Unfortunately Rhubi came back lame from her walk last Friday night. She got Metacam on Saturday morning and an appointment for Monday for x-rays. Unfortunately it was not good news as they suspect bone cancer. They have sent the x-rays to John at St Monans for a second opinion. We have two Danes Lennon is 4 and is insured at £35 per month and just as well because he has cost £6,000 in vet fees for operations for a bone deformity in his leg £5,000 of which was covered. Rhubi unfortunately is not insured. For any chance she will require amputation and chemotherapy. We cannot afford the treatment as I am retired and on the pension now and am now also registered disabled. My husband will retire in March and is on low income at £9,000. We are desperate, don’t know what to do. My daughter Alex is beside herself as time is running out and because of the holidays there has been no reply from John at St Monans. Can you help or tell me where to go to find help. Our local Vet is only a hundred yards from our house and is a PDSA vet but unfortunately our postcode in not included in their scheme. There is not much sleep happening in our house. I have had to give her Tramadol today as she is limping now. She’s not complaining and is snoring loudly as I write this, blissfully unaware of the trauma going on. Here are photos of happier times.
Alex has a lot more action photos than I have. I don’t suppose she is sleeping but I don’t want to disturb her and I think these photos are quite nice too.
Hope you can help me find some hope for Rhubi
Best regards
Irene Stephen