Scottish Great Dane Rescue

Sam and Millie

Just to let you guys know, Sam is doing very well, is remarkably intelligent and easy to train and is looking well. He is naturally thin, despite the fact that we shovel food down his neck in prestigious amounts!

I have attached a picture from a photo-shoot we did last week for the cover of a book I have written (nothing about dogs BTW!).

The other Great Dane we got from you ages ago, then known as Molly, but now called Millie, is now an elderly lady, though I have no idea how old she really is, but I guess she must be about nine. She is totally healthy and still very active and plays with Sam. Millie has had her own room so far, but we are renovating after Christmas, so she is going to have to move in with Sam, who so far has been sharing a room with a GSD.